Yesterday, August 23 , 2012 at 4:32 pm, my son Ricky was hit from behind by a car by a woman claiming to be “distracted”. In fact, she hit not just my son, but caused a chain reaction where cars stopped at a light hit one another. Literally pushing each one into the other.

Ricky was driving alone and had just left a ministry school that he has been attending for the last two weeks. The school has been challenging, but he has had some very proud moments. He has been glowing with pride at how much he has been learning. His enthusiasm each and every day has made me grow prouder of him as well. Today, Friday, would have been his last day of the school. Had the accident been worse, it could have been the last day of his life.

I could make this a long message about the dangers of driving while texting, while drinking, while whatever. I don’t know the specifics of this case. I’m not going to guess. The woman said she was distracted and quite frankly, I’ve driven while distracted myself. She cried and expressed sorrow at the scene. My son, being the sweet kind, loving and well, the Christian that he’s supposed to be, gave HER a hug and told her everything would be okay. He told her this before he was taken in the ambulance because he was the one that ended up hurt.

I wish I could say I was a better Christian, but I really wasn’t. When I found out the person that caused the accident I, in a not so kind manner, told her to pray that my son is okay. As contained as I may have appeared when I came to the scene of that accident, my head was in a thousand places. Thankfully, my amazing neighbor helped keep me focused. The impact was so great, the rear glass ended up on the front seat, in fact right on top of my son’s bible. These images will forever be in my mind and I can’t erase them. No matter how you wish you could take a giant eraser.

My message is this, today I thank my God, Jehovah for allowing my son, Ricky another day of life. Today, I thank Jehovah for allowing me to write this message to YOU. Please remember that while YOU are on the road, if you read this story. Remember to the best of your ability, stay focused on the road. No distraction is worth the cost of another person’s life. Today Ricky woke up a little sore, but on his way to his last day to his ministry class to share his story and his life with all his friends. I pray you all get to do the same with yours.