A few years ago, I was watching a program that featured unclaimed property. Being at the point that unclaimed property would benefit my family, I decided to investigate if I had any money out there that I had forgotten about. I said to myself, highly unlikely, but let’s try it. I visited the National Association of Unclaimed Property of Administrators website at www.unclaimed.org and searched for the state I had lived in. I clicked on the state’s link and then proceeded to type my name in, but nothing. I wasn’t lucky. Something told me to try my husband’s name and I received a message that my husband had money that hadn’t been retrieved in an amount of over $100. We followed the simple directions, included proof of the address where he previously lived and a few weeks later we received a check. This is a FREE service. Do not go to websites that will try to charge you. This is completely free, it is your money. Simply visit the website and see if you have any money waiting for you.