The Census recently confirmed to the rest of the USA what we Latinos already knew…THERE ARE MORE OF US TODAY THAN 10 YEARS AGO!!! As my kids would say…DUH!! I ask myself, why is everyone so shocked?

When I was a kid in the Sunshine State Latinos were confined to Miami, in NY to Brooklyn and the Bronx, and in California…well technically they were there before the Gringos. Now everywhere I turn BAM un Latino, BAM another over here.

For instance, my sister-in-law lives in a town about half hour outside of DC. Nearly 30% of the residents there are guess what…LATINOS!!! THIRTY PERCENT in a place that’s not Miami, NY, or LA. Even in the midwest in places like St. Louis, Kansas City, and Des Moines, the population of Latinos continues to grow.

I for one am jumping for joy. I know some of you might be getting worried, but really why worry? Tacos, arroz con gandules, and empanadillas every day would be a dream come true for me.