“An important key to success is to continue following the path, turning adversity into advantage” – Maxwell.

 “Subscribers will receive free special gifts in preparation for the New Year” – Cala.

 Ismael Cala, host of CNN en Espanol, author and international speaker, and John C. Maxwell, the world’s top expert on leadership topics, announce a free webinar “Convirtiendo obstaculos en oportunidades” (Turning Obstacles into Opportunities) in Spanish on January 12, 2016.

You can now reserve your free spot at: http://www.calamaxwell.com/.

Maxwell and Cala will help you finish your 2015 with appreciation and reflection, and create important goals for 2016. They will also teach you how to cultivate a life filled with abundance and opportunities in order to meet your goals.

“When you register, you will receive free special gifts to prepare for the New Year. For me, it is an honor to work with Maxwell, a world influencer on leadership topics,” said Ismael Cala upon announcing the partnership.

“We are looking forward to the event on January 12,” said John Maxwell. “An important key to success is to turn adversity into advantage. We are creating a project to help thousands of people by turning obstacles into opportunities.”

Registration, which is completely free, includes videos and a workbook. You can find it at http://www.calamaxwell.com/