I don’t know about  you, but some days….man

I’m overwhelmed with the amount of information overload we have on social media.  PHEW!!!  My brain feels like it’s been through the wash and back again.  News about world events, health, social activism, cute puppy’s, girl fights, men that look like women talking like men, what Trump did, didn’t do, Ouch me duela la cabeza.

It’s true what they say, all this information overload really does desensitize us to the news.  You read that 20 some odd people are killed and once upon a time I would think OMG!  Today, I just flip to see what’s the next tid bit of information.  Without any internal response whatsoever.  Yikes!  What have I become?

I want to be human.   I want to feel the pain of hearing the loss of humans on this earth and not let it be just another ‘eh’ moment.  I hate to admit the most emotions I feel are the puppy/dog videos.  They always and still get to me.  I find myself watching less of them though.  As if I know the emotion they are going to elicit, but I don’t want that emotion.  Am I becoming some form of Vulcan hybrid right here on earth.  Emotions are for humans.  Thanks to information overload I am no longer a complete human.  I restrain those pesky emotions.  Now honestly, what purpose do they serve?  UGH!  Am I keeping it TOO REAL HERE?  I ask myself if something happened to one of my dogs would I even know how to properly cry?  God, I hope so.  Scary!!!

So what can we do about “Information Overload”?  I thought about it.  Honestly, absolutely NADA.  It’s out of our hands and control.  All we can do is not “connect.”  No iPhone, laptop, computer, android, tablet, ipads, tv, or even radio.  The hermit life is looking kinda cool.  Maybe I will stop becoming Vulcan and back to human whatever that used to be.

Okay I’ll disconnect later, need to go find what’s interesting to the hablanews reader.  Let me know.  lol