Are you a Valentine’s Day Scrooge? Even if you aren’t, I’m sure that you can name a few cupid-critics who wish that the holiday didn’t exist.

Whether you hate Valentine’s Day because of an EX, or are feeling the stress of the hyped-up-holiday while in a relationship- I have the perfect solution for you to relieve some of that pent up aggression:

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the nation-wide fitness franchise iLoveKickboxing, is hosting their annual Shred Your Exevent. Here’s how it works-

  • Got an old picture of an EX? Members bring in their pictures, put it on a punching bag, get their boxing gloves on, and get to work!
  • Don’t have an “EX” that you want to “shred”? People are allowed to bring in pictures of a boss, old friend, co-worker, sayings that discourage them, etc. – anyone or anything who you wish to ‘shred’ and take your aggression out on!
  • While some people may be packing on the pounds with chocolate, this is the best way to get a great workout in for Valentine’s day
  • Group event: this fun, stress-relieving kickboxing class will be filled with all Cupid-critics alike- allowing you to feel great and have fun amongst others who are all there for the same reason

This event is taking place on February 13th at an iLoveKickboxing facility near you.